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Health Insurance for Students

Ensuring that your son or daughter has health insurance while away from you can help you feel more at ease while they are not in your care. Here are some tips on student health insurance that may benefit both you and your child.

Fill the Gap

Over 30% of college students are without health insurance at all. Most who do not have insurance risk bankruptcy and having to withdraw from school if a medical emergency were to happen. Students normally don't see health insurance as an immediate necessity, as the jobs that they are training to have will offer the proper insurance when the time comes. However, four years is a long time to risk one's own health, and purchasing at least the most basic insurance would be a good idea. Ask your child's college officials about the type of insurance they offer.

What Will be Covered

Insurance policies for students are normally very flexible. They can have the same coverage as a normal health insurance plan or cover only emergency medical care services and major medical expenses.

Control Costs

Premiums for student health insurance are normally lower than the average healthcare plan, as students are usually young and healthy. It may still seem expensive, though, to someone who does not yet have a well-paying, full-time job. Raising the deductibles can make the premiums more affordable and ensure that your regular physician is in your plan's network.