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Family Health Insurance Plans

While group health insurance plans can provide more attractive pricing and a better variety of coverage, this type of plan may not suit everyone. A large number of people see no other choice except to obtain insurance through a group plan that their employers provide them with. Others may opt for individual health insurance because of certain health needs. Here are some tips on how to go about choosing which plan may be right for your family.

Individual Health Insurance Plan

A family might choose this option because a group health insurance plan does not have sufficient coverage to meet their needs. Most people are not qualified for a group health insurance plan, either because their jobs do not offer it or they are unemployed and simply cannot get it.

Insurance is Essential for Families

If someone is involved in an accident which requires that person to seek medical attention, and he and his family is without health insurance, he will be required to foot the bill himself, which is the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. Serious injuries to healthy individuals cannot be predicted and therefore should be protected against in any way possible.

Keeping Your Costs Down

Exhaust All Possibility of Having a Group Plan

Employers are not the only way to be able to get a group plan. Your spouse's employer, an organization of which you are a member, even credit card companies can offer group health insurance to your family.

Think About Raising Your Deductibles or Co-Payments

As long as you can pay the cost, you should consider raising your out-of-pocket fees, or your deductibles. While this may sound ridiculous at first, it decreases the cost of your premiums in the long run, so it is more beneficial than having lower premiums.

Consider Networks and Physicians

Many medical insurance plans have a network in which there are several healthcare providers, who are considered "in the network." Your policy may not allow for treatments from a physician who is not in the network, so check to make sure that your doctor is in the network.

The Fine Print

If you have not yet had a family, but will soon, your policy should have maternity coverage. It will be harder to get once you are already pregnant, so apply as soon as possible. It is not included in a typical policy, and neither is dental and vision insurance.