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Short-Term Health Insurance

This type of insurance will cover an individual for healthcare services of a certain kind for a set period of time- normally up to 36 months. It can also be an alternative to the higher-costing coverage of COBRA.


There are people of perfect who still may not be qualified to have a normal health insurance policy. People who usually buy short-term health insurance are temp and part-time workers, the unemployed-such as college students or recent graduates and anyone else who may be without health insurance for the moment.

Insurance is Essential for Families

If someone is involved in an accident which requires that person to seek medical attention, and he and his family is without health insurance, he will be required to foot the bill himself, which is the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. Serious injuries to healthy individuals cannot be predicted and therefore should be protected against in any way possible.

What It Covers

Short-term health insurance plan typically cover the same things that a group health insurance plan does. From emergency care to prescription drugs to surgery, this insurance offers coverage for many types of medical expenses. However, routine checkups are normally not covered under this policy.


A downside of short-term health insurance is that they do not cover expenses incurred due to pre-existing medical conditions. Group policies are almost the same but have a waiting period. Other exclusions and limitations apply, so be sure you understand your policy before signing on the dotted line.

Why Purchase It?

Although it is only temporary, short-term health insurance can cover several types of medical expenses that may accumulate while you do not have regular health insurance. A lot of the plans come with low premiums and high limits in terms of coverage. It is on a month-to-month basis, so when you become eligible for a longer term insurance policy, you can drop it sooner than later.