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Auto Insurance Questions

Will I be covered if I buy a new car but do not tell my insurance company?

You may be covered for a new vehicle but you should ensure that you tell your insurance company. Depending on the insurer, you may not be covered with certain types of cars because of the coverage that you presently have or they may have a set amount of time before coverage may no longer apply.

My lender told me that I need “gap insurance;” is this true?

This is true only if your vehicle’s value is less than what you owe your lender; but if the balance of the loan is lower than the vehicle’s value, then you do not need gap insurance.

Will my auto insurance apply to a rental car?

Several insurance companies do cover vehicles that are not owned but rented. But, depending on the company, there may be limitations to the coverage you will receive. You should first contact your company before renting a car to ensure that you will be covered sufficiently.

If I let a friend borrow my car and they get into an accident, will anyone’s insurance apply?

More often than not, the vehicle’s insurance will apply while someone who has express consent to drive it. However, in many other cases, the driver’s liability insurance will pay if the sum is exceeds the limits of your policy.

My son/daughter has reached driving age, but I want to be able to cover him/her without spending too much.

Because your child is under the age of 25, and therefore at a greater risk of being in an accident, there will be a premium change. However, the change will be less if your teen is driving an insured car that is less valuable than an insured SUV or sports car.

If my son/daughter takes one of his parent’s cars to college, will he/she be covered under my insurance policy?

This situation usually depends on the insurance company with which you are insured. Ensure that your child is listed under your policy as a driver to circumvent any problems that might arise otherwise.