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What Can Change Your Insurance Rates

Once you have received your auto insurance quotes and are starting to compare them, you should know what to look for when making comparisons. If you didn’t choose a number for your liability limits and deductibles, it will be provided for you. If you lower those numbers, it could make your insurance rates more expensive, and vice versa. But the higher your deductible, the more you pay out of your own money, so make sure it is affordable, but not extremely low. If you do not know what would be an appropriate price for you, let the insurance providers fill in your liability limit and deductible information, and see which prices are most attractive, and if it would be possible for you to raise them.

For liability limits, however, it is the opposite of deductibles. The lower your liability limits, or the amount that your insurance company pays in the event of an accident, the lower your premiums will be. Again, this should be considered at the utmost discretion, as you do not want to pay more than you can afford either way. Determining how much you can pay is essential, and keeping these costs reasonable is a balancing act.


Some things will not affect the cost of your auto insurance, such as whether or not you have a garage. If an insurance company has deemed a neighborhood unsafe, your rates will increase regardless. When you have chosen an insurance company, inquire about what factors can affect your rates and which will be the same in any case.