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Filing Auto Insurance Claims

The process of filing an auto insurance claim, from answering the infinite barrage of questions to the mountains of paperwork, can be a daunting one. Knowing what will come during the aftermath of an accident will make things less stressful and prepare you for the task of filingĀ  your claim.

The first and most basic rule of conduct following an auto collision is to contact your auto insurance company. Become familiar with every aspect of your insurance policy so that you will know what to say when the time comes to call your insurance company. If you know your policy backwards and forward, you will know how much you are able to claim before an accident occurs.

The first thing your insurance company will most likely as you to do is submit the facts and details of your accident that will serve as support for your claim. Be as detailed as you can; include how the accident occurred, any injuries caused, and especially any person involved in the accident. Find witnesses and take down their information, so that your insurance claims adjuster can take their statements.

If you are able, photographs would be ideal to document the evidence further. In addition, keep track of the time of the accident and the time and date you spoke to your insurance company; keep all of the bills and receipts you accrue as either a direct or indirect result of the accident. A number one imperative: be honest.

Also, if you have more than one accident insurance policy, you may be able to submit multiple claims. Verify whether or not you can expect to get over one claim so that what you pay out-of-pocket ends up being zero.