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Safety Tips and Fire Insurance

Fire insuranceā€ which also includes coverage in the event of a wind or lightning damage is normally included in every homeowner's policy, and will allow you to rebuild your home should it be destroyed in a fire. Fires are the most common causes of home damage, though they can be easily prevented.

Cooking Hazards

Several thousand fires per year are begat from the kitchen from leaving stoves and burners unattended. Someone should always be watching food that is being cooked and flammable materials should be kept away from the stove. Outdoor cooking is also a very large cause of fires at home. Not knowing precisely how to use a grill or keeping it too close to the house, deck, or bushes can easily be anyone's downfall.

Electrical Fires

Several fires are caused by overloaded extensions cords and circuits, which can easily be prevented by purchasing higher powered surge protectors. In addition, any appliances or electronics that are not in use should be shut off, especially ones that tend to get hot very quickly.

Smoke Detectors

Studies have shown that owning a working smoke detector increases chance of surviving a home fire by 50%. Homeowners should have one on every floor and test it often to ensure that it continues to function. Disarming the alarm while cooking is generally discouraged, as many people forget to turn it back on.

Fire Sprinklers

These, in combination with smoke detectors, make the protection of your home and family much greater. Having these wards against danger in your home will also decrease the cost of your insurance and raise your home's value.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are great manual firefighters for small, controllable fires. Like smoke detectors, there should be one on every floor and it would benefit your entire household for everyone to know how to use them. Once a fire has been visibly put out, call the fire department, as it may still spread to unknown places.