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Protecting Your Personal Property

Many people forget to consider the face that their home insurance will cover personal property as well. Your furniture, clothes, electronics, and anything else you have bought that are inside your house are all covered under your insurance policy. To protect your things, there are just a few basic steps you should take for your personal items.


You should start by taking pictures of the things you own, and retain their receipts as well as serial numbers and other ID info that will let the insurance company know you owned them.

Know Your Limits

There is also a limit on your policy to how much your insurance provider will cover. It may be a number that could cover up to $50,000 worth of items -depending on what you agreed upon- or it could be a percentage of your home’s policy limits. Know what those limits are and increase as necessary, as you do not want to be caught without coverage for some items.

However, certain kinds of personal property may not be entirely covered, such as expensive or highly valuable items. Jewelry, certain electronics, pricey works of art, etc. may only be insured up to a limit; a fraction of what they are worth. It is important to know the limits on all the items you own and to contact your insurance company about their proper limits.