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Health Insurance Questions to Ask

It is not an easy task to purchase health insurance, but the right amount of research can make it that much simpler. For you to be able to understand insurance, you need to ask questions. You should first speak with your agent, or directly to your insurance company, about general insurance policies:

Will be eligible to receive benefits while under my policy?
To what extent can my son/daughter be covered after moving out of the house?
How much coverage does a group health insurance plan offer?

You may also have questions about the financial aspects of your health insurance, and you should ensure that they are answered before you choose a provider.

Is it possible to lower the cost of my deductibles or co-payments?
Is it possible to lower my premiums?
Will my premiums decrease if I do not file any claims?
Will it affect my premiums if someone under my insurance becomes ill?

There are also other questions that you may have about your limitations regarding the physicians who you are allowed to see or consult with, so be sure to voice your concerns directly to your insurance company.