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Buyer's Guide to Health Insurance

After searching for quotes, you may have found several companies that offer very low
prices, but may not have the coverage that you need. Any good medical insurance plan
should contain the right kind of coverage, such as:

Major Medical Insurance

This covers you in the event of catastrophic conditions or injuries, which resulted in loss.

Physician’s Expense Insurance

This pays for routine checkups at your doctor or for your doctor to visit you in the hospital.

Surgical Expense Insurance

Covers any expenses related to surgery.

Hospital Expense Insurance

This covers any costs accrued from hospital stays and incidental services.

Check Other Benefits

Ask your health insurance provider for quotes that include other benefits such as maternity, mental health benefits, prescription drugs, preventative care, vision care, and anything else you may be curious about. Also check if any of those require a deductible, co-payment or co-insurance; things you must pay for out of your own pocket.