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Small Business Liability Insurance

After investing your energy and resources into your successful business, you will want to protect your assets. Professional liability insurance can help you do so, which protects your business in the event that you and it become involved in a lawsuit or your property is damaged. There are several types of professional liability insurance, all of which provide protection for your beloved business.

Property Insurance

This protects your business’s property, such as furniture, machinery and equipment against damage, and reimburses you if any inventory is damaged.

Commercial Property Insurance

This offers basic, broad, and special form coverage; it is the least expensive to buy; and it covers guaranteed replacement costs under certain circumstances.

Liability Insurance

Protects against damages or injury to a third party that may result in a lawsuit, as well as medical expenses incurred.

Auto Insurance

If you have any motor vehicle for the purpose of your business, this insurance is mandatory.

Product Liability Insurance

If your business manufactures any potentially dangerous products, it would be wise to purchase this type of insurance to protect against lawsuits and liabilities.