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Small Business Insurance Coverage

If you have a small business and you are considering insurance, you need to know what will need coverage. The first thing you should probably know is the nature of your business. Businesses that specialize in certain areas, such as amusement parks or aviation business, will be refused insurance, but there are some companies that are willing to offer coverage. If your business is not as extreme as these instances, then you should have less trouble finding an appropriate provider.

You also need to let your provider know if your business is run from a home or commercial location. Insurance companies may also want to what kind of chemicals, if any, you store in you place of business. How long you have had your business, projected and current gross income, employees, mobile services; all of these factor into your application for insurance and may affect the premiums you pay.

Other Coverage

General liability insurance is necessary if you are to have any clients at your home as your place of business. This type of insurance will provide protection should someone be injured on the premises of your home, and will pay for legal fees and attorneys.

Business Interruption Coverage

This kind of insurance helps your business with operating expenses when it is recovering from a natural disaster, as well as cover you for lost income incurred during that disaster.

Workers' Compensation

If you plan to have employees work from your home, this type of coverage is vital. Workers' compensation will pay for any bodily injuries sustained while working for you.