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What You Should Know About the Web

There are certain things that everyone should know about the internet before stepping into the World Wide Web; especially those of you who run an online business. eCommerce business owners should already be aware of the dangers of hackers, viruses and trojans that could compromise any financial or personal data that you put online, but many have no idea of the kind of protection that Internet and eCommerce liability insurance provides. This type of insurance could come through for you and save your business following a virus or hacker attack.

An internet insurance policy offers companies specific coverage for liability for online crimes, such as unauthorized access to any secured website. Generally, it takes a good hacker less than 30 seconds to hack into and out of a database, which usually has around 15,000 to 20,000 connections/second. As you would imagine, this is difficult for anyone to track, even a professional IT or administrator; so when the attack is discovered, the damage has already been irrevocably done.

Phishing and Viruses

Some viruses are capable of taking down an entire network, even those with a firewall. Many occur because a naive employee unknowingly opens a malicious e-mail or fake web link. If your website is ever attacked, it could potentially stop you company's operation and may interfere with regular business. Many online business insurance policies have a provision that will cover your company's developmental costs for loss and damages, so it would be wise to consult your business insurance agent about online protection.