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Confront Your Main Concerns

When it comes to your business, you know best. Prior to committing to a policy, write out a list of your biggest questions and see how each insurance company's policy handles those concerns. Based on this, you can see which policies accommodate the needs of you and your company and which fall short.

Review Policy Limits and Deductibles

When you choose a policy, you must consider the numbers. Review the limits of the policy and ensure that those limits for property and liability coverage suit your needs. Look at all of the deductibles as well and raise them if you feel you can handle it, never going higher than what you can afford at once.

Who is On the Policy?

Those named as an insured on your business insurance policy will be covered under your policy. Make sure that the appropriate names are present.

Look Over Dates

Coverage can have limitations on the period of time that it will apply, such as the period of restoration, or how quickly the policyholder must act before changes are made to the policy. Make sure that you know about and understand these dates.

Consider the Company

Ensure that the company that you choose has your best interests at heart, rather than only being interested in having your money in their banks. Research the company's track record; look into their consumer reviews and financial history using ratings companies; make sure that they can deliver in the event that you must file a claim.