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Auto Insurance for Teens

When your child reaches the appropriate driving age, being safe on the road is your biggest concern. Another nagging worry, though, is the what insurance might cost for your son or daughter. Fortunately, there are a few basic guidelines you can follow in order to ensure that your young does not get taken advantage of and gets the best rates.

Driving Habits

Because teenagers are statistically highly likely to be involved in an accident, it is good to teach your own the fundamentals of driving and the rules of the road. Ensure that she/he has a solid foundation and understanding of what she/he will need to be a successful and safe driver. Having your teen take a driver's ed course can reduce the cost of insurance by up to 15%.

Road Rules

Many states have implemented graduated drivers licensing laws that have requirements that vary by state, but could include:

Cell phone and seat belt policies
Passenger limits
Accident forgiveness limits
Required number of hours for adult supervision
Drunk driving policies
Late night curfews

You are encouraged to add to these regulations by including your own set of rules for your teen. There are a number of distractions that can cause your teen to lose focus while driving and end up in an accident that may mar the vehicle or worse. If there are no curfews enforced for young adults in your state, establish one for your teen and set other limits on them while they are driving to keep them safe. In the long run, they will learn to become defensive drivers and save on insurance for a clean driving record. In addition, many insurance companies offer young drivers from 10‐20% off of their insurance policy for keeping up their grades.

Other than the above advice, everything else that applies to you applies to your young driver. Driving a practical vehicle rather than a sports car will obviously save a lot of expense and stress, and provide your son or daughter with a more reliable mode of transportation.