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Term Life Insurance

Millions of Americans go each day without life insurance, risking the financial security of their loved ones. Many do not have insurance because they do not want it, but there are also those who believe they just cannot afford it. That is why insurance companies first introduced term life insurance to their list of policies.

A term life insurance policy is bound by time, meaning that it can last anywhere from 1 to 30 years, and when it expires, it is a considerable amount to renew, if you allowed to at all. The policy is much less expensive than whole life insurance and such, but there are no benefits such as dividends or cash value.

Although many see whole life insurance as the superior policy, several people are purchasing term life insurance for business reasons. Buying this policy at a cheaper rate and then investing in high-growth goods such as mutual funds, where what is put out may be more than what you would get in cash value on your whole life insurance.

Even if you have no dependents, a simple plan such as term life insurance can help out other family members following your passing. Many companies offer their employees life insurance at a low cost, so look into what your job may offer. Now is as good a time as every to apply for life insurance, so start by getting your free quote today!