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Choosing an Agent or Straight to the Company

Life insurance agents normally do not work with just one company. As they have access to a numerous amount of insurance providers, it provides a huge benefit to consumers. Agents can quote you several prices for different types of policies from different types of companies for your benefit.

Insurance agents also are advantageous in that they can provide you with personal service, such as answers to any questions you may have in less time than would an insurance company, especially a large one. Agents that live in your community are all the better, as they know more about the insurance companies in your area.

Disadvantages of a Life Insurance Agent

One of the drawbacks to having a life insurance agent is the fees that they charge for commissions and services and the like. You could instead use that money to purchase extra coverage directly through an insurance company, but if you want more personalized service, then seeking out a life insurance company may be for you.