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Home Insurance Rates

The cost of your home insurance can be based off many factors, including your home’s location and age, the type of home that it is, what type of protection you have for it, the amount of insurance you have chosen, and more. It also depends on the company with which your home is insured as to how much your rates will be.

Shop Around for the Best Rates

Use Online Instant Quotes to ensure that you are getting the best rates around and so you can compare insurance companies side by side. Also make sure that the company you choose has a good reputation and high‐rated feedback.

ACV or Replacement Coverage?

Actual Cash Value (ACV) pays you back the cost of your damaged or stolen property while factoring in depreciation, so you would get back less than you actually bought it for. Replacement Coverage reimburses you the entire cost of your item, but it is more expensive. In general, one is not better than the other; it is more situational. If you want a less expensive policy, go with ACV, and choose Replacement Coverage if you are able to pay more and do not wish to pay out of pocket for your replaced item.

Money-Saving Options

Raising your deductibles on your policy will lower the premiums; however, you should always make certain that you can pay those deductibles should the need arise. You should also guard your house against perils, such as fires, by installing fire sprinklers and smoke detectors. Research what else your insurance company will allow discounts for; they may number in the many.