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Business Insurance Policies

Gearing your business with the right insurance is planning for its financial and reputational future. It is a great way of protecting against disasters and unexpected incidents, no matter how big or small. You can receive coverage for damages to your business vehicle, personal property, the actual building in which you conduct business, and much more. All there is to it is looking into the different types of insurance policies that offer this protection.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This provides protection against the destruction or damage of the vehicles that are used for you business. Comprehensive coverage may provide coverage for fire damage or theft, whereas collision coverage pays for damages to your car.

Liability Coverage

In the event that you are held responsible for the bodily injury to or property damage of a third party, this insurance will cover you. It includes medical coverage, which will pay for any medical expense incurred as a result of a bodily injury on your business grounds of from your products. Also included are advertising injury liability coverage, physical injury coverage, property damage liability coverage, and more.

Property Insurance

Property insurance provides pays for damages to property of your business. You can purchase separate segments, such as glass insurance to protect from glass damage; or mechanical breakdown coverage, which pays for the replacement or repair of a machinery's accidental breakdown.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is mainly for the benefit of your employers as well as you; it means that will be reimbursed in the event that an employee is injured. You are required by law to compensate a worker for any injury while working if you have more than people employees.